QHIN Application, Onboarding, and Designation Processes

RCE Support for Prospective QHINs

The RCE will support prospective QHINs during the application process through the following: 

QHIN Application Process

Step 1

Review Common Agreement, QTF, and SOPs

Step 2

Sign and Submit QHIN Application

  • Prospective QHIN signs the Common Agreement and submits QHIN Application package.
  • The RCE makes an eligibility determination.

Step 3

Application Approved and Onboarding Begins

If application is accepted, prospective QHIN begins the QHIN onboarding process, including pre-production testing.


Step 4

Review Requirements and Counter-Sign

  • If all requirements are met, RCE counter-signs the Common Agreement and designates the applicant as a QHIN.
  • RCE provides written notice to both the applicant and ONC.

Step 5

Receive QHIN Designation

QHIN is added to RCE Directory and undergoes production connectivity validation.

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