Credential Service Provider (CSP) Approval Organizations


Per the Individual Access Services (IAS) Exchange Purpose Implementation SOP, IAS Providers are required to have an agreement with a credential service provider (CSP) who has been approved by an RCE-selected CSP approval organization. IAS Providers are required to demonstrate that all Individuals that elect to use their IAS offering have proven their identities consistent with achieving NIST IAL2 from an approved CSP.

The CSP approval organization must maintain a published list of CSPs who conduct identity proofing to Identity Assurance Level (IAL) 2 as defined by the then latest version of NIST SP800- 63A.

This page lists the CSP approval organizations that meet the RCE’s requirements, as outlined in the SOP. Additional CSP approval organizations meeting the requirements will be added to this list on an ongoing basis as they are identified by the RCE.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP):

IAS Exchange Purpose Implementation

(Updated as of September 2022)

CSP Approval Organizations

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