Three-Year FHIR Roadmap for TEFCA

ONC and the RCE have published the “FHIR® Roadmap for TEFCA Exchange –Version 1.

The evolving health IT landscape requires TEFCA to rapidly include approaches that support FHIR.  This approach leverages current state of FHIR today and allows TEFCA policy and technical infrastructure to accelerate FHIR adoption into the future.

In 2022, the RCE will launch working groups to initiate development of the use of FHIR for both QHIN-brokered and facilitated FHIR exchange.

Planned Stages of FHIR Availability in TEFCA

Stage 1

FHIR Content Support

Stage 2

Network-Facilitated FHIR Exchange

Stage 3

Network-Brokered FHIR Exchange

TEFCA FHIR Roadmap Graphic

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