TEFCA for Individuals

Individuals can access their health information via TEFCA

Almost everyone needs to access their own health information—or that of a loved one—over time. The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common AgreementSM (TEFCASM) will make it easier for your health information to be appropriately and securely exchanged electronically.

TEFCA will make it easier to access your information as you navigate the health care system. TEFCA will help ensure that you, your doctors and your caregivers have the right health information when and where you need it.

TEFCA makes health information more accessible

Patients with multiple doctors and sources of care

Access data in one place with an app of your choice, without having to visit the portal of each health care provider.

People changing locations, doctors, or health insurance

Gather health information in one place and share it with new doctors and other health care providers.

Patients with ongoing or chronic health conditions

Coordinate care better among primary care physicians, specialists, and other caregivers when everyone has the best and most recent information.

Caregivers and those assisting the elderly or other loved ones

Access information from doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers to support your loved one when given permission.

Emergency room doctors and personnel

Instantly access to medical history, even if the person being treated has not been to that hospital before.
What is Tefca?

Designed as a nationwide network-of-networks

TEFCA is endorsed by the federal government as a nationwide network to appropriately share health information in a secure manner that complies with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules as well as any state or local laws that protect your information. Every organization that participates in TEFCA plays by the same rules. By setting common expectations for how data can be accessed and securely shared, this network-of-networks approach will make it possible for data to flow more seamlessly to support your health and care.

How can you engage?

Health apps and technology vendors that are connected to TEFCA can provide you access to your health information. These Individual Access Service providers agree to the rules of the road that all participants in TEFCA sign on to, as well as additional requirements to provide you with transparency on how they collect, share, and use your health information when you use their apps. 

Considering connecting to a health app? Be sure to ask if they participate in TEFCA.

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