TEFCA for Executives

You may have heard that TEFCA is now live

This means that the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common AgreementSM (TEFCASM) is operational and exchange of health information is happening every minute via TEFCA. TEFCA supports six exchange purposes, enabling a multitude of use cases and driving innovation. 

TEFCA provides an efficient vehicle to send, receive, and query for standardized electronic health information from a broad array of participating organizations across the nation. 

TEFCA can benefit your organization

As you identify what TEFCA participation would mean for you, consider the following.

Expanded access to health information

TEFCA will provide you with appropriate access to a broader set of electronic health information to fulfill your role in the health care ecosystem, as a health care provider, payer, public health authority, or health information network, or other interested party.
  • All organizations participating in TEFCA exchange sign the same Terms of Participation, minimizing the need for one-off data use agreements.
  • The purposes for which data can be shared are clearly defined and include Treatment, Payment, Health Care Operations, Public Health, Government Benefits Determination, and Individual Access Services.

Efficient data sharing

TEFCA creates a trust framework and technical infrastructure that allows you to share data with other authorized entities without the need for establishing and maintaining multiple connections, reducing cost and burden.

  • All participants are working within the bounds of existing laws, including HIPAA. Only those authorized to receive data will be able to ask for it.
  • TEFCA includes strong privacy and security protections that align with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

Nationwide connectivity

TEFCA is national in scope and creates a network-of-networks that builds on and expands current capabilities that have been created by state and regional HINs, electronic health records vendors, and other technology services providers.
TEFCA and Regulations

TEFCA may help you meet your regulatory obligations

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has leveraged participation in TEFCA for certain programs, including the Medicare Promoting Interoperability Programs and the information blocking provisions. 


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