How Will TEFCA Work?

Health care providers, patients, payers, state agencies, public health professionals, and other stakeholders will be able to use the policies, technical specifications, and network connectivity requirements of the TEFCA to send and receive electronic health information seamlessly. Currently, stakeholders often must join multiple networks to get the information they need to support patient care. In contrast, joining a HIN that participates in the network created by the Common Agreement will enable access to and exchange of information from varied sources.

Participants in the network…
will be able to exchange electronic health information for specific health care purposes, including for treatment, quality improvement, public health, and patient access.

HINs and health IT developers… will have a variety of options for participating in the Common Agreement, including by joining an existing HIN that meets the requirements of the Common Agreement or by forming their own Qualified HIN (QHIN).

To help ensure that rules to enable seamless exchange are in place, HINs and health IT developers will need to modify existing data use agreements in order to flow down certain obligations for exchanging data to their network participants.

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