Meet the QHIN Applicants

An Initial Group of Candidate QHINs Introduced by Secretary Becerra

On Monday, February 13, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Xavier Becerra and National Coordinator for Health IT Micky Tripathi recognized the below organizations for their willingness to voluntarily step up and meet the demanding eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions of TEFCA participation.

These organizations are candidate Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs) that were accepted to move forward with the testing and project plan phase. Following this approval, these candidate QHINs committed to meeting a 12-month go-live timeline and, if successful, will be designated as QHINs.

Watch the TEFCA Recognition Event

Candidate QHINs Recognized on February 13, 2023

CommonWell Health Alliance

eHealth Exchange

Epic TEFCA Interoperability Services

Health Gorilla


KONZA National Network

QHIN Application Process

The prospective QHIN Application, Onboarding, and Designation process has been divided into a series of five phases.

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