Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) Conformance Testing Process

The QHIN Conformance Testing Process outlined in the QHIN Onboarding & Designation SOP leverages the Sequoia Interoperability Testing Platform (“ITP”), built around the specifications defined in the QHIN Technical Framework (QTF) Version 1.1, information outlined in the Common Agreement and relevant SOPs, and related test materials adopted by the RCE.

The Sequoia ITP verifies that a QHIN’s or Applicant QHIN’s system both complies with all specifications and requirements of the QTF and has the ability to interoperate with other QHINs. The Sequoia ITP supports the following: 

  • Applicant QHINs during the Onboarding process;
  • Designated QHINs who wish to test new technology or retest as a condition of continued participation in the TEFCA; and
  • Vendors who wish to have their product(s) validated as QHIN compliant prior to a QHIN Application. 

QHIN implementations will be tested using a set of software tools, test data, and procedures managed by the Sequoia Project as described in the documentation found on this page. Test cases, test data, and the tooling may be updated as issues are identified over time.

  1. Testing Program Overview – This document describes the test system components and includes the configuration items that are needed for testing. This document does not describe how to use the tools or run test cases.
  1. Initialization Tests – This document describes tasks to be performed by QHINs to initialize their systems with test data and configuration information.
  1. Testing User Guide – This document describes how to use the Sequoia ITP tools and run the test cases for the QHIN Conformance Testing Process.
  1. Transport Test Cases – This document describes tests under three broad categories, aligned with the exchange modalities defined by the QTF. These categories are: 
  • QHIN Query, including:
    • Patient Discovery Query
    • Document Query and Retrieve
  • QHIN Message Delivery (Section 4.3 was updated 9/30/22)
  1. Security Test Cases – This document describes the negative testing and security test cases to be completed as part of the QHIN Conformance Testing Process. 
  1. Patient Data Load Files – This zip file constitutes test patients and their records used to support the QHIN Conformance Testing Process. 

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